Clix is hot.

Thursday, August 3rd at 7:23 pm Leave a comment

iriver clixipodMy boyfriend recently bought an iRiver Clix and I’m jealous. Luckily the super audio/video/photo player isn’t compatible with Macs or I would be desperately wanting one. I won’t even hesitate to say that I think it’s better than the iPod in all regards except for one–it only has 2 GB of space. But this is plenty if you don’t mind swapping out media every so often, and, come on, don’t the majority of people use only a fraction of their mp3 player capacity, anyway? (yes, according to this blog and the study it references. But who knows.)

Clix is cool because its buttons are the screen edges, and they can be locked so you don’t accidentally click them. You can choose a horizontal or vertical screen. You can listen to the radio, and even record it (and you can also record external audio, like voice memos or class lectures). And it plays (and comes with) cute little Flash games. Most importantly, it’s small (fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand small) and light. You know, I love Apple dearly, but I think iRiver’s got them beat on this one.


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