Why it’s good to live in the States

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femaleDuring my coffee break today I picked up the New York Times Magazine to get a little dose of fashion (designer Oliver Theyskens was on the cover) but ended up reading this article instead, about the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Normally this isn’t something I would read, but the opening sentence influenced me to keep going: “Why would a mother choose to condemn her baby to death?”

Essentially, the article’s point is that just because a country has the resources and knowledge to prevent AIDS, it doesn’t mean it will happen. All of that effort can mean zip if there’s a mental barrier. As for that sentence that caught my eye, it’s referencing womens’ refusals to accept a cost-free pill at the time of labor that can reduce the probability of passing HIV on to the baby. Apparently, these pregnant women are refusing to admit their HIV-positive status, even though the nurse already knows because of their charts. Which is… baffling. But that is, in my eyes, irrefutable evidence of how unforgivable the culture is there, if holding on to a deadly secret becomes a priority over their child’s life. So… anyway… the article’s a bit longer than a 15-minute coffee break will allow for, but it’s worth a read.


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