When two equaled one

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arrowSo, the 4-year old “twins in a perpetual hug” (this phrase is now stuck broken-record repeating my head) have been surgically separated. And doing well, which is great. I have to say, it’s interesting to see them all over the news as a couple of average, happy, Barbie-loving girls while everybody is holding their breath to make one into two.

I read up a little on how Siamese twins occur (not all that surprising) to survival rates (disheartening) to variations on types of Siamese twins (fascinating). The first recorded twins were from Armenia in year 945. About 70% are female, the reason remaining unknown. Siamese twins can be joined at the chest, at the head, at the spine, at the back, or other locations. Their skulls can be fused, their heart can be shared, and even their brain can be shared. Separation is attempted on most twins, but I did find a pair of 16-year old girls whose parents decided not to separate them (it’s more interesting just to read the article.) It blows my mind to think about how these two girls think, how they decide where to physically move. Can they read each other’s minds? Do they lie? They control their respective sides of the body, but do they feel each other’s pain? Emotion?

Also: an interesting film (rather, trio of short films) to check out, not only because of related subject matter but because it should be watched if you’re (a) into Asian films, and (b) able to watch the uncomfortable: Saam gaang yi, aka Three Extremes.


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