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Tuesday, January 23rd at 9:18 pm Leave a comment

right on time, two days later, here I am again. Not much new. There’s a package waiting at the post office for me — and it’s one of two books that I ordered via amazon marketplace ages ago. Aloft or The Average American. I’ve half-promised myself that I won’t buy any more books until after June 1st because I’m just making it harder on myself when it comes to moving day.

I finished and submitted the Fitzgerald contest short story. I’m afraid to read it over again and find blaring mistakes.


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Hi! I'm Rachel, and this is my blog. I've tended to assume that if I ever blogged, it'd be a sappy diary. But based on what I've favored reading in other posts, I'm going to do this instead: pluck out isolated, varied things/ideas/experiences I find engrossing, try to choose the few right words out of a potential million, and hopefully cleanse my writing skills in the process. Because, you know, when I was little and was questioned about a future career, my answer was typically: "I'm going to be an author."

Oh, and I'm an aspiring film connoisseur. See my ratings at IMDB.

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