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numbers and days

Today it’s 100 days until June 1st. Yeah, yeah, school’s not over then, but I might be moving on that day. Even if I’m not, June is the big month.

Caught up a little on schoolwork yesterday. It’s a slightly shorter week because of President’s Day, and it felt like a looooong break indeed. So it’s nice, but things are a little more compacted in terms of getting the schoolwork done.


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taking care of business

The 4 week countdown to two important things — beginning the last quater of school, and starting my IMA routine again. I just registered for classes yesterday and am taking slightly fewer credits than normal. I also have a 2 hour break between classes so I hope to revert back to the workout schedule I had a couple quarters ago, when I’d work out and treat myself to the sauna before showering & going to the afternoon class.

Just did a huge cleaning of the livin room, and it was an utter mess before. My room’s still in horrible shape too, but I might not get to that till the evening.

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the future is bright…

Up until now I had tenatively assumed my spring plan would be like this: stop my current job before the end of the quarter to devote all my time to school, start looking for a design job, graduate, hopefully get interviews, and start working. And throw a short vacation into the mix.

Today I’ve revised the plan. Happily. But it’s also a lot less practical and probably too idealistic. On the other hand, never say never, right? So now I’m thinking:

Devote time to learning more Flash/web things (technically) and create more pieces for example work. Work fewer hours during the end of spring quarter (but don’t quit). Graduate (yay!) and continue working at my current job — but maybe 25 or 30 hours, not 40 like I did last summer. With my extra hours, become a freelance web designer. And if I’m lucky (because they always say luck has so much to do with it) and things get off the ground, then transition to having my own business, and eventually leaving the current job.

This thinking came about because my boss came downstairs to ask me today what my summer plans were and said that they would be happy if I stayed working there after the spring.

We’ll see. I can be hopeful, can’t i?

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