Stayed in most of today and currently eating leftover pizza from Wallingford Pizza House, mm! Tried to do homework today but spent an equal amount of time looking at shopping/design blogs. I might start one. I’ll link from here if I do.


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beginning of the weekend

I have a psych test in two hours. My so-called power breakfast consists of GrapeNuts… and an identical-sized bowl of real grapes. I’m not trying to be a smarty pants. I need to go buy more mango-pomegranate juice.

It’s supposed to rain all day, and it hasn’t been like this at all since I bought J. Crew rainboots from the outlet mall. And yet I don’t feel like wearing them because the rows in the psych classroom are tight and I’ll have to clomp over everyone to get to my seat.

Listening to the most recently purchased fiona apple cd. It’s COLD in my room.

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i’m back, but…

with a caveat. I’m not going to do the different-topic-every-day thing. Nope; now it’s the traditional this-is-what-I-did-today blog and this-is-what-i-want-to-do. Okay, ew, enough hypens.

Today I went to class and work.

Two CDs and a card from relatives were waiting for me in the mailbox. Music was PJ Harvey (Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea) and Fiona Apple (Extraordinary Machine). Do I sound a little behind?

Current personal projects:

1. Finishing the entry for McSweeney’s Fitzgerald short story contest.

2. Listening to / rating over 2,000 songs in iTunes because I re-imported all lately.

3. Saving money, because in 4.5 months I’ll really need it.

4. Trying to learn as much as possible, within reason, about interactive & web design. I’ve decided it’s the one.

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Short thought because I’m too tired to write more.

world.pngEveryone should be banned from using “under construction” as a stand-in for unfinished sites. Web sites aren’t constructed. They’re developed. Just say “coming soon.” And a email notification option is always nice.

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Twirl! Twirl!

_5200006.jpgcart1.pngI’m sad that I don’t go to places where dressing up fits in. Probably ignorantly, I’m going to blame this on lack of having a car available to me right now, because without this, going to a fancy restaurant in dolled-up mode would require riding the bus like that in the vicinity of crazies mumbling to themselves.

Alas…tonight I found a very cute outfit for such an outing: Necessary Objects Babydoll Dress. I love the empire waist, adjustable straps, and oh how it looks so flowy and soft. $58 @ Nordstrom.

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I know what you’re up to, Mel

drinkI haven’t cared much—really, at all—about the recent Mel Gibson hubbub. Maybe this is because I had no interest in him in the first place, or maybe more because I don’t see the point in discussing it to death and rather put my faith in karma to do its job (i.e. nobody going to his next big-screen production). But then, of course, I do end up hearing about one thing that strikes me as perhaps blog-worthy. From the Seattle P.I. article:

Gibson volunteered to make a public-service announcement about the hazards of drinking and driving, but the judge did not make that a condition of his sentencing.

Not to automatically be cynical, but I can’t for the life of me believe that Mel Gibson wants to do a PSA for the benefit of others. Shouldn’t he go to, um, at least a handful of AA meetings before even suggesting this? Is it not obvious that this was simply something his lawyer, PR people, etc., recommend to him in an effort to salvage a fast-sinking career?

Not to mention that the judge obviously did not think a PSA was necessary for Mel on his path to alcohol-free enlightenment. And you know why? It’s because this is not a punishment to Mel, it’s a publicity benefit, unless the PSA is composed of him disheveled and intoxicated, humiliating himself to an even more embarrassing degree, so that he is so shamed by his behavior that he involuntarily gags every time he sees a container of alcohol.

Pssh. Shame on you, Mel. And for a different reason than everyone else seems to be talking about.

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“A great concourse of phantasmagoric shadows.”

book.pngWord of the day: phantasmagoric, meaning “A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.”

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